Corona Situation

In these uncertain times I would like to keep you, as our esteemed guest, informed about the situation regarding the coronavirus in Europe. And how Lodge Holidays deals with it.

First of all, our admiration goes out to all the people who play a role in preventing and curing the virus. Whether at home, where family members are cared for, or at work. In this time we have to join forces and together we can make a difference as a community. I hope that the radical measures that must be taken now will enable us to control and suppress the virus.

What consequences does the coronavirus have for your booked vacation?
In a few weeks the new holiday season will start and it will be time again to enjoy a carefree holiday with your family and loved ones. I understand that there is now uncertainty as to whether the holiday can go ahead. I am confident that the peace and quiet has returned in the high season.

Unfortunately, if you have booked a holiday at short notice, it cannot go ahead. The borders of the countries in Europe are (almost all of them) closed. And also airlines fly limited or no longer at all.

What are the possibilities regarding your booked holiday:

We offer the possibility to rebook the holiday to a later period in this season. Your request for the rebooking can be sent to .  

Should you decide to cancel the booking anyway, the cancellation fee applicable at the time of cancellation will apply. The amount of the cancellation fee can be found in our terms and conditions.
The developments are going fast. Therefore we would like to keep you informed, through our newsletter, about our beautiful destinations and countries, about the measures taken by the countries concerned in relation to the corona virus, the impact on the campsites and hopefully there will soon be good news about your booked holiday.

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I hope to have informed you as much as possible. And wish all of you strength in these difficult times.