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Desert Lodge

During your holiday, enjoy this beautiful, trendy lodge with a bar in the living room. Because you largely live outside, this tent has an extra large canopy and an XL wooden terrace with outdoor kitchen. Here you can eat at a sturdy wooden table or relax on a lounge sofa or in Fatboy's delicious double hammock.

Wood Lodge

A holiday feeling in this spacious, pleasant and trendy lodge. Take a nap in the four-poster bed with a length of 210 cm or on the lounge sofa in the living room. Outside you can enjoy an extra large canopy and an XL wooden terrace of 30 m2. There is a sturdy wooden table, an outdoor kitchen, a lounge sofa and Fatboy's double hammock.

Safari Lodge

These luxury safari tents are very spacious, comfortable and trendy. Enjoy the outdoors with the wooden terrace of no less than 30 m2. Can you see you are already sitting under the extra large canopy or are you standing in the outdoor kitchen? Eat together at the beautiful wooden table, relax in the lounge set or in Fatboy's luxurious double hammock.

Cozy Lodge

Enjoy staying in this lovely, welcoming lodge on your holiday. Equipped with luxurious conveniences such as an outdoor kitchen and espresso machine. Here, you eat at a strong wooden table or relax on a sofa, or in the lovely Fatboy hammock.

Base Lodge

Are you looking for a lodge that offers a lot of comfort and is very attractive and trendy? In this lodge you will find, among other things, a sturdy wooden table, an outdoor kitchen and a luxurious double hammock from Fatboy to relax in.

Bell Lodge

Want to experience the best of nature while staying in a stylish, comfortable tent? The Bell Lodges are very spacious and have been tastefully equipped with an eye for detail.

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