What I found lacking in the offering of rental accommodation was a combination of the comfort and luxury of a bungalow or chalet and the wonderful outdoor element of camping.

For me, a holiday should offer a good night’s rest, private toilet and shower facilities and nice furniture. But I also want to fully enjoy the feeling of camping in unique places. That is why I founded Lodge Holidays in 2012. And it turned out I was not the only one who wanted to combine that luxury with the outdoors.

I therefore designed a number of trendy canvas tents with, amongst others, private sanitation facilities and fixed beds. In the design process, I particularly place the accent on relaxation and enjoyment of the outdoors, which is exactly what camping should be.

This is reflected in the large verandas and incredible outdoor kitchens, luxurious and sturdily decorated with gorgeous Fatboy hammocks and bean bags. The standard provision of equipment even includes a gleaming Italian espresso machine.

Can you already picture yourself on your glorious veranda with a glass of wine or an espresso? Rink-Jan would be delighted to tell you more. 

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Lodge Holidays

Your perfect holiday in Europe

Lodge Holidays operates in the following countries
Romantic italy
Burgundian France
Relaxed Croatia
Glamping unieke locaties

Beautiful, unique holiday destinations

It is just as important to me to find unique beautiful places in Italy, Croatia and France, amongst others. Unique little jewels where you can unwind completely and where you can easily spend days on the campsite grounds, but with enough challenges in the vicinity, so a whole family of different ages has enough to do in terms of sports activities and culture.

Peace, space, nature, and the convenience of a ready-made, sturdy, luxury safari tent. You switch into holiday mode the minute you arrive. Not only does Lodge Holidays bring you small, unique campsites, but lodges with proper beds, private sanitation facilities and lavish wooden lounge furniture to relax and lean back on.

Enjoy the panoramic views and a good book, a glass of wine or take a nap in the hammock. 

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