Carefree travel in spite of COVID-19

29 November

As the owner of Lodge Holidays, I find it important that you can go on vacation without any worries. The safety and health of my guests are always my first priority. You can book your holidays with Lodge Holidays carefree. Thanks to the small-scale campsites and the very spacious pitches, it is very easy to keep your distance. I carefully select the campsites myself, so you can enjoy the peace, space and nature. In order to go on a holiday without any worries, I would like to think along with you about the current way of celebrating holidays. Therefore, I offer you a number of additional guarantees on the current booking conditions.

Spoiler alert: Game of Thrones film locations in Croatia that you want to see with your own eyes

7 May

Game of Thrones fans have been looking forward to it: the very last season of the most popular TV series of the moment. If you're questioning cries like 'Winter is coming', 'the dragons of the Khaleesi' and don't want to appear with bags as big as sandbags at work because he's been binge-watching uncontrollably, we advise you to emerge now. Because even when you don't care who eventually ascends the infamous iron throne, the setting of this fantasy series remains worth a visit. In order to depict the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros, the most beautiful places in the world have been used as film locations. My personal favourite? Croatia of course!

Where a small country can be great: the Republic of San Marino

17 April

Any Italy lover will agree. The land of the boot is always a good idea! As a holiday country, Italy has everything you need: a wonderful climate, beautiful beaches, views of the best pizzas, beautiful nature and an endless range of cultural sights. So, what about going back to Italy? A little variation in holiday destinations and discovering a new country also appeals. In the oldest sovereign state in the world, San Marino, you can experience the best of Italy and at the same time broaden your horizons. Once the day trippers have left, you'll see the beauty of the narrow streets and sunset in this tax-free microstate. Did you think there wasn't a destination that could surpass your beloved Italy? Think again!

Camping Delle Rose For fifty years a campsite you can't get enough of

29 March

Benvenuti in the Italian paradise. In the friendly region of Liguria, in the hinterland of the Riviera of Flowers, lies the small-scale family campsite Delle Rose. Surrounded by the scents and colours of olive and palm trees, eucalyptus, cactus, mimosas and citrus fruit, you will leave the stressful life at home far behind you. Maybe it's because the mountain air of the Maritime Alps and the Mediterranean meets here, but this place immediately captured my heart. So be warned.

Everything you want to know about the undiscovered destination Karlovac and its beautiful surroundings

21 March

Croatia is a real family destination. As a lover of this country, I enjoy discovering the places that are hidden from most holidaymakers. Karlovac is such an unknown city that deserves to be put in the spotlight. The city is only 50 kilometres away from the capital Zagreb. Thanks to its good accessibility at a crossroads, this destination is ideal for a short stop on the way to the coast, but it is also very attractive to spend a full luxury glamping holiday here. And for those who don't feel like spending their well-earned sunshine hours in the car: an affordable flight to Zagreb is easily booked.

Rafting in Umbrië

5 August

In the mood for an adventure on the water? We started this boiling hot day at the Pian di Boccio campsite in the heart of Umbria. We wanted to cool down and we were in the mood for adventure. We drove to Norcia along scenic roads and stunning little villages. There, Daniel, the instructor from Rafting Umbria, explained everything to us. We then squeezed ourselves into wetsuits, a challenge in itself! Fortunately, we had eaten ice cream; the temperature rose sharply. And then we all piled into the raft and into the cool water, paddling along powerfully with our oars on the wild water while laughing, there was plenty of laughter and a little panicking from time to time.

Tour di Prosecco

15 June

Discover this delicious sparkling drink Anyone who finds themselves on the winding road between the vineyard-covered hills in the province of Veneto already knows what this delicious and popular sparkling drink prosecco tastes like: lush, fresh, fruity and vibrant. In the north of Italy, the forty-seven kilometre journey via the Strada del Prosecco takes you from Conegliano to Valdobbiadene. You pass eleven villages on the way: Costa Rua S. Pietrad i Feletto, Refrontolo, Pieve di Soligo, Solighetto, Farra, Col S. Martino, Guia, Santo Stefano and San Pietro di Barbozza.

A day of sea, sun and sand in Le Marche

5 May

Want to cool off at the sea? The Adriatic Sea, east of Le Marche, boasts a coastline of at least 180 kilometres. You will find both sandy and pebble beaches here. Enjoy yourself at one of the many little bays at Monte Conero, or will you opt for the wide sandy beaches with palm trees in the south instead?

All you need to know about how to drink caffe in Italy

30 April

Coffee or caffe (pronounced “caffè”), a small, strong espresso, is serious business. Allow me to reveal the secret to drinking coffee in Italy, because the place and the time of day, for example, are very important. Even the north and south of the country are divided over this issue. Time for a lesson in drinking coffee the Italian way.

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