Lodge Holidays has Lodges in the most unique, beautiful places in Italy, Croatia and France. Unique little jewels where you can unwind completely and easily spend entire days at the campsite, but with enough to do in the vicinity, so family members of different ages can enjoy the offering of sports activities and culture.

Glamping with that little extra

Peace and quiet, space, nature and the convenience of a readymade, sturdy, luxury safari tent. You switch into holiday mode as soon as you arrive. Not only does Lodge Holidays offer small, unique campsites, but lodges with proper beds, private sanitation facilities and luxury wooden lounge furniture for relaxing and chilling out on. Enjoy the lovely view and a good book, a glass of wine, or take a nap in the hammock. That is glamping the Lodge Holidays way!

Glamping Italie


Delle Rose Campsite in northwest Italy is a fantastic place to spend a holiday in your luxury Lodge Holidays tent that has been equipped with great attention to detail. But the little green paradise of Gajole Campsite in the Dolomites is also perfect for people who want to combine nature and luxury. Or can you picture yourself better in the beautiful, sun-drenched hilly landscape of Umbria amidst innumerable olive trees? Or will you opt for a delightful spot beside a lake or on the Adriatic coast? View all the unique little places where you can enjoy the comforts of home and the freedom of nature.

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Glamping Frankrijk


Holidays are wonderful. Just getting away from it all, leaving the day-to day-drudgery behind, doing exactly what you feel like going, no responsibilities. With that in mind, I go in search of lovely places in France. I look for unique locations, with great weather and good food, where you can enjoy the company of the people you love most in absolute peace and quiet.

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Glamping Kroatie


I have been involved in holidays and travel my whole life. I carefully seek out the most exceptional Lodge Holidays for you, with passion and enthusiasm. Lovely, unique places for you to enjoy and benefit from new experiences! Unwind completely in relaxed Croatia.

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