General Terms and Conditions Lodge holidays when renting a lodge

Version English - 1 (21-09-2012)

Article 1. GENERAL

1.1 These general terms and conditions shall apply to all services offered by Lodgeholidays. Primarily it concerns the rental of lodges. By making a reservation you agree that you have read, understood and agree to our general terms and conditions.

Article 2. Reservation

2.1 A reservation can be made online, by phone or by e-mail. After the reservation you will receive a confirmation e-mail from us with an overview of the details that have been reserved.
2.2 The reservation you make is final. A revocation obligation of 14 days does not apply to so-called travel agreements. These are the services provided by Lodgeholidays.

2.3 The person making the reservation must be of age (18 years or older). Groups of young people are not allowed.

2.4 If the payment obligations are not met when making a reservation (these are included in the general terms and conditions and made known on the reservation confirmation), Lodgeholidays shall be entitled to dissolve the reservation. Any costs resulting from this shall be for the account of the client.

Article 3. Prices and Costs

3.1 The travel sum is based on a maximum of 6 persons. The travel sum is the price for renting a camping pitch with a tent on it, including VAT and electricity costs. Bed linen is included and can be changed per week. There are some campsites that make an exception to this. This is clearly stated on the confirmation.

3.2 If tourist tax is applicable, you must pay it to the campsite owner on the spot.

3.3 Any extras such as arrangements and meals, which are offered on our site for special prices, must also be communicated at the time of booking.

3.4 If you wish to stay in a tent with 6 people, you must provide sleeping accommodation for the sixth person yourself.
3.5 It is allowed to place a small tent next to the rental tent.

Article 4. Invoicing

4.1 After the reservation you will receive a confirmation of receipt, which is also your invoice.

4.2 This invoice will show the price, any additional costs and the total amount per section.

4.3 The invoice will state the deposit (30% of the total amount and the cleaning costs, with a minimum of 150 euros). And the remaining amount (70% of the total amount) is stated separately.

Article 5. PAYMENT

5.1 The deposit of 30% must be paid within 8 days after the reservation.

5.2 The remaining amount of 70% of the total amount must be paid no later than 6 weeks before arrival.

5.3 For bookings made within 6 weeks before arrival, the total amount must be paid immediately.

5.4 In case of late payment Lodgeholidays has the right, after a reminder by e-mail, to cancel the booking, whereby the client of the booking is held liable for the cancellation.

5.5 In the event of negligent payment, the principal of the reservation shall be liable for all judicial and extrajudicial costs and any interest.

Article 6. cancellation/amendment

6.1 Cancellation of a reservation must be communicated to Lodgeholidays by e-mail.

6.1 A cancellation is subject to costs.

-In case of cancellation up to the 42nd day (excluding) before the day of departure: the deposit;
-For cancellation from the 42nd day (inclusive) until the 28th day (exclusive) before the day of departure: 60% of the travel sum;                                                                     -Cancellation from the 28th day (inclusive) to the day of departure: 90% of the travel sum;
-If cancelled on the day of departure or later: the full travel sum.

It is advisable to take out cancellation insurance for this purpose.

6.3 Changes, other than the location and the rental period, can be communicated to Lodgeholidays no later than 2 weeks before arrival. No costs will be charged for changes.

6.4 A change of accommodation shall constitute cancellation.

Article 7. liability

7.1 The renter must treat the accommodation with care and leave it neat and tidy.

7.2 Lodgeholidays is not liable for damage, loss and/or theft of goods. Lodgeholidays is not liable for damage, loss and/or theft of goods, nor for injuries sustained by the Lessee or fellow Lodgeholidays, regardless of the cause.

7.3 Lodgeholidays is not liable for environmental factors such as possible noise, traffic nuisance, stench, water and/or insect nuisance and weather conditions in any capacity whatsoever.

7.4 The lessee is liable for any damage to the accommodation and/or the inventory that has occurred during the stay. The damage must be reported to the campsite owner, who will determine what steps are taken. If the damage has not been reported to the campsite holder, Lodgeholidays is entitled to hold the tenant liable for the damage suffered and to take out the tenant's liability or travel insurance for this.

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