inventory Desert Lodge


1x Espresso machine
1x Kettle
1x Refrigerator/freezer combination - high model
1x BBQ


2x Bunk bed
4x Night lamps bunk bed
1x Canopy bed
1x Mosquito net canopy bed
1x Night lamps canopy bed
1x Bedroom wall lamp
1x Clothes hanger 5 square
1x Wardrobe canopy bed low model
1x Vase + green leaf
1x Lamp
Option | Cot
Option | High chair child
1x Bar
4x Barstools
2x Lamps bar
2x Table runner bar
1x Vase + 2 flowers
1x Wall lamp shower/living
1x Shower
1x Washbasin
1x Washbasin
1x Faucet sink
1x Toilet
1x Lamp bathroom
1x Mirror lamp bathroom
1x Toilet brush
1x Towel Rod
1x Clothes hanger 5 square
1x Toilet paper holder
1x Soap dish
1x Cup
1x Bathroom waste meter
1x Fatboy Boy Buggle-Up beanbag
1x Fatboy Edison Grand outdoor lamp
1x Fatboy hammock
1x Fatboy hammock stand
1x Dining table
3x Chairs dining table
1x Bench dining table
1x Lamp dining table
2x Windlights dining table
2x Lounge sofa corner
1x Hocker - wood
1x Vase with flower
1x Outdoor kitchen
1x Gas cooker
1x Sink
1x Outer faucet
2x Tea towel / towel hooks kitchen
1x Outdoor lamp kitchen
Small inventory

6x Breakfast plates
6x Dinner plates
6x Bowls
6x Plastic bowls
6x Plastic cups
6x Coffee mugs
4x Espresso cups
6x Tea glasses
8x Large glasses
8x Small glasses
6x Drink glasses
4x Wine glasses
1x Teapot
12x Fork
12x Knife
12x Spoons
12x Coffee spoons
12x Pastry forks
1x Salad fork
1x Salad spoon
2x Serving spoons
1x Sauce Spoon
1x Cutlery box
1x Tin Opener
1x Garlic press
1x Potato peeler
1x Spatula
1x Pizzaslicer
1x Cheese slicer
1x Citrus press
1x Guard
1x Grater
1x BBQ Set
1x Knife block
1x Water Decanter
1x Tray
1x Drip tray small
1x Drip tray large
1x Scissors
1x Large pan
1x Medium pan
1x Small pan
1x saucepan
1x Wok
1x Frying pan large
1x Frying pan small
1x stainless steel Scale large
1x stainless steel Scale small
3x coasters
1x coaster large pan
1x stock box large
1x storage box small
1x measuring cup
1x colander
1x cutting board
1x bottle opener
2x peeler

Bed linen

✓ Duvets
✓ Bed linen
✓ Pillows
option | Towel package 2 small + 1 large towel

1x Wiper and can
1x Broom soft
1x Bucket
1x Washbasin
1x Drain rack dishwashing
1x Waste bin kitchen
1x Drying rack
24x Clothespins
6x Hangers
1x Fire extinguisher
1x Fire blanket